Monday, March 7, 2011

last night.

Some nights, headlights
are not soft, white pearls
strewn behind you,
nor the wet asphalt
long, black mirrors
stretched before you;

on these nights, you realize
that life is a waste—
and consider calling it off


  1. yes yes yes. I completely understand. on nights like these, we MUST dig deeper to find what is waiting for us.

  2. Honestly I am really bad with poetry and understanding the meanings. I will need to work on that because what you write seems so profound but it is beyond my mind ;) lol! You will need to help me! By the way, I am still in amazement that God put us in each other's lives again. I look forward to hanging with you more! Love you!

  3. But there's beauty even when we have not the eyes to see it.

  4. I dont' know what to say, but I wanted to leave a comment because I think that you are wonderful and you make me smile.

    Let us not call this journey off, let us walk it together.

  5. you are a deep, thoughtful soul. And as cliche as it sounds, I sense a "tormented" artist heart. You have a way with words and I appreciate your sharing them.

  6. wow... this is amazing. Like real amazing. I love the sudden ending. It reminds me a lot of a poem within "perks of being a wall flower" that is my favorite poem/short story ever.